MARIA KALININA, is a certified KRI LEVEL 1 - AQUARIAN TEACHER: FOUNDATIONS AND AWAKENING Kundalini Yoga Instructor and a certified KRI LEVEL 2-MIND AND MEDITATION KY Instructor. Marias interest in Yogic philosophy started years ago when she was a teenager, growing up in Moscow, however, the Destiny took her into the celebrity world, where at the age of 16 she won the first Russian National Beauty Contest "Miss Moscow". Since then, her life, for a number of years, began rotating around the beauty world and the business world. She got invited to the White House, Washington DC, and soon became a spokesperson and representative for various business ventures as well as environmental causes. She became a member of American Green Cross International and was a public speaker for environmental issues, including the 1986s Catasrophy of Chernobyl and 2005s Tragedy of the Hurracane Katrina. Now, she continues to help the Nature by being a vegetarian, as she does not believe in exterminating live animals. She boycotts wearing animal fur and actively participates in OCEANAs actions to stop the brutal massacre of Dolphins by the Japanese Islands.
Maria started taking her first Kundalini and Hatha yoga classes in mid 90s in Los Angeles, however, her recognition of the of Kundalini Yoga practice was immediate and unmistakable. Because of its strength, intensity, and considerate transformative powers, "the most powerful yoga on the planet" was adopted by her right away and after only 6 months of practice she enrolled into the KRI Teacher Training. 6 months later, she was given a studio to teach in Marina del Rey, CA. She studied with Yogi Bhajan's right hand disciples in New Mexico during the Summer Solstice Camp, in addition to numerous other yoga occasions and meditation classes and White Tantric Yoga courses. She took to heart Yogi Bhajans simple and clear message that through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation each of us can attain our birthright: to be happy and healthy and to understand our own grace in this lifetime.
With the Yoga boom all over the World, Maria has discovered a huge interest in Kundalini practice in Russia and is currently successfully teaching on the international arena, both in Russian and English languages. Her favorite workshops are Mind and Meditation-TRANSFORMATION 6 and 3 day practicum and Yoga for Women, which include various in length workshops: RELAXATION AND STRESS REDUCTION, REJUVINATION AND BEAUTY SERIES, DETOXIFICATION SERIES, BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM AND BALANCE YOUR METABOLIC SYSTEM SERIES.
Maria travels extensively with her workshops around the World. This summer she was teaching in Russia and now she continues teaching in Los Angeles.
In addition to her KRI certification (www.Golden Bridge,, Maria is constantly upgrading her education and is currently enrolled into the KRI LEVEL 2-CONTIOUS COMMUNICATION COURSE in Los Angeles. She believes in the combination of the powerful energy and the breath work of Kundalini Yoga Tecnology that gives a perfect balance of strength and flexibility to our bodies, minds and spirits. A nomad throughout her life, living on different continents and on different coasts, Maria is happy to say she is home now at Marina Del Rey Studio in Los Angeles, California, where she lives with her husband. Please join her wonderful and inspiring workshops to stretch your body and stretch your mind.